Focus on your product’s core users

Read this article on the break down of the venture backed startup called Sonar. It is always sad to get to know of start ups that failed yet we know a lot fail.

The primary take away for me from this very elaborate article is this

 Companies don’t get sold, they get bought. The best way to get bought is to build something of value. That’s hard to do when you are trying to sell.

Original Article:

In my current day job, we are building a product that we thought would usher in social in to the way work is done in big business.

We are sitting on a huge pot of gold in my opinion. We have a captive employee base of over a 100000 members who will use our products.

It is a great advantage for us as we can iterate quickly with our captive audience and learn quickly as to what is of value to the users. That rare advantage that not very many companies have. This is often an advantage of building a product in a big enterprise.


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