3 P’s of success

Happened to read Steve Case’s commencement address at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. There are a lot of hidden nuggets that are helpful. But one thing struck hard.

It is his 3P’s that determine an individuals success.

P – People – You success rate and how much you can achieve is largely dependent on the teams you create, the people you collaborate with. It is good to be brilliant person but very rarely is that enough to create something that is meaningful.

P- Passion – In many cases the success one achieves is possible only when he puts in the extra mile, that extra hour or comes from that extra book he reads. This is usually referred to as hardwork, but if you are passionate that little bit extra that you do is not hard and it is natural. That is why someone passionate about something succeeds

P-Perseverance – Change is not easy, in many cases when you building something new and unique you are often flying against the current stand or norm. So anything that is worth doing will likely be against the current. That is when perseverance plays a factor. A quote from Steve Mcqueen popularized by Jack Dorsey of twitter & square comes to mind.

When I believe in something I fight like hell for it!


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