Let people experience it before they give you feedback

Recently talked to very accomplished entrepreneurs on an idea in their very field. I went ahead and just described the idea to them and immediately I realized the mistake I made.

 They did not get it!

It is not to say that they were less smart or anything like that, it is to say that you have an idea or an intuition based on your experiences and your world model, It makes sense when they see it through your lens. However everyone else has their own mental model and it is your duty as an idea trader to ensure they share your lens.

So it is not fair on your part to expect others to have the same Eureka moment that you have. So you will have to do your best to help them experience your idea or vision. That way they can better appreciate what you are describing and give you meaningful feedback about it.

 Seth Godin puts it succintly “we have to show, not tell, must create environments where people choose, then ask them why” in his post.

A good book to read on this topic is the one by Steve Krug – Rocket surgery made easy …


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