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3 P’s of success

Happened to read Steve Case’s commencement address at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. There are a lot of hidden nuggets that are helpful. But one thing struck hard. It is his 3P’s that determine an individuals success. P – People – You success rate and how much you can achieve is largely dependent on the […]

Pay Structure For Start Ups

Original article My companies founder and I had an interesting discussing about keeping the pay structure transparent. For others who are interested, there is a great post on an open system of compensation. There are a lot of benefits in following a transparent system. 1. It focuses employees on task at hand rather than worry […]

8 Things Great Bosses Demand

There is a great post that highlights the expectations of great Bosses. The original article is available at 1. Be true to your word. Your boss wants to trust you. Really.  Therefore, whenever you accept an assignment, follow through religiously, even fanatically. Do what you say you’re going to do. Never overcommit, and avoid […]

The 5 Why’s Technique – A Real World Example

I posted earlier on the 5 Why’s Technique to find out the root cause of a problem. I came across an article that discuss a practical example of the usage of the 5 Why’s Technique. Jeff Bezos of is analyzing why an employee injured his finger as described in the article. He got up, […]

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The 5 Why’s Technique to Understand the Root Cause

The following example on wikipedia demonstrates the basic process: The vehicle will not start. (the problem) Why? – The battery is dead. (first why) Why? – The alternator is not functioning. (second why) Why? – The alternator belt has broken. (third why) Why? – The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced. (fourth why) […]

Will Google + succeed?

With the announcement of google + there is a lot of buzz on the internet with people debating google+’s success.  They offer glimpses in to what it takes for a product to succeed and helps you as a product manager design your product. There are 2 great articles on line debating the success of Google […]