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Patient Engagement Necessary for High Quality Care

Original Text Patients who take an active role in their own healthcare have fewer medical errors, higher ratings of care, and more positive views of the health system as a whole, according to a new international survey. In an analysis of 2011 survey data of patients with complex healthcare needs in 11 countries – Australia, […]

1% of patients consume one-fifth of all health care spending

Original article An insightful article that dissects the 1% of the US population that is responsible for almost 1/5th of total health care expenditure. An interesting point to note is the role of the patient himself in managing his care. Patients themselves also have roles to play in preventing costly care, said American Medical Association […]

Health Care Problems and EMRs

Original article Health Care Problems and EMRs Medical care can be a costly enterprise for any country. In the U.S., total health care costs stand at $2.2 trillion per year, or about 16% of GDP. This equates to a per capita cost of $7,421 (HHS, 2009). In contrast, most industrialized countries spend less than half that […]

Patient centered care

A 2002 Health Affairs study found that the contribution of medical care to longevity is only about 10 percent, compared to 40 percent for patient behavioral patterns. This means that while an emphasis on reducing hospital adverse events is important, it is also crucial to encourage patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle outside the hospital […]

Why an EMR implementation may fail? – Reason 2

There are many reasons why an EMR implementation will fail. Reason 2 – Software Issues Developing an EMR is very difficult task. Unlike many other software applications, it is very domain intensive and there are several standards and guidelines to adhere – HIPAA, ICD9,ICD10, NDC, CPT, 5010 standard etc. It has be flexible and easily […]

Why an EMR implementation may fail? – Reason 1

There are many reasons why an EMR implementation will fail. Reason 1 – Bad Vendors There are several EMR vendors. Many of them do not have enough knowledge or insight in to the medical practice and work flows and they have other products spread across other several domains Banking, Finance, etc. To them EMR is […]

Benefits of an EMR

Benefits of an EMR