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Prioritizing Scope

Our team is now prioritizing the roadmap items for our next product release. We have senior sales team giving us customer feedback based on what they have heard from the customers during demos and meet ups. This is what we did. We listed down everything we heard from the customers in an excel and created […]

Let people experience it before they give you feedback

Recently talked to very accomplished entrepreneurs on an idea in their very field. I went ahead and just described the idea to them and immediately I realized the mistake I made.  They did not get it! It is not to say that they were less smart or anything like that, it is to say that you […]

3 in a box model for product development

For any product the most important quality that the team needs to have is the ability to make the right judgments  There are several decisions that stare down and your ability to make the right judgments dictate the success of the product. To make the right judgement you need data and the skill to understand the data and […]

Empathetic Product Manager

Empathy is by far the most important quality that product manager possess. The closer you are to the end user, fewer are the number of iterations needed to reach the product that meets the target user’s needs. Among other reasons, One key reason why apple products are really good is because they build products that […]

Hero: Making tough decisions

A must read article on what tough decisions are needed to taken for being successful as a leader at a start up! Original article is from So, here’s advice to my future self and all of you:  *DO* be a hero. 1. Be a hero.  Go after that big, powerful incumbent that doesn’t delight its […]

Trust: Key to Building Great Product

Only way we can build a great product is by gaining the user’s trust. The user has to trust you as a company, business unit, as a development team. He has to trust your software to solve his problem. Even if the trust fails on one of these accounts you are not going to find […]

Product User Testing

When a product is user tested, there are 2 things you are trying to learn 1. Usability – Is it easy for the end user to figure out if he is able to use the product or not. This is typically done by your UI designer. 2. Value prop – Now that we know the […]