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Knowledge Management: Objectives

Knowledge management is in vogue these days with almost every company trying to get it right. What makes this difficult is, there isn’t one strategy that fits every company as the needs or objectives are different. For example companies like ONGC who have been around for a while have  a problem with an aging population […]

Persuasive Design Through Iterations

I attended 2 workshops in the last 2 days on designing for a behavior. First from an internal expert at Cognizant who walked us through an approach which helps in understanding an user’s core motivations and the next was a workshop conducted by Neema Moraveji.  I think they both go hand in hand and I have […]

Using Social to Identify if You are on the Right Track

A recent McKinsey article Demystifying social media discusses in detail how social media helps companies to identify trends and understand consumer behavior.