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MVP Development Process

MVP Development Process


HTML5 Input Tags For Mobile Devices

Original article HTML5 Input Techniques Here’s a list of all the input types available, you will notice that there are a lot more: button checkbox color date datetime datetime-local email file hidden image month number password radio range reset search submit tel text time url week Though it’s nice to know there are so many […]

Design Pattern: Chain of Responsibility

Original article Excerpt Code example import*; abstract class PurchasePower { protected final double base = 500; protected PurchasePower successor; public void setSuccessor(PurchasePower successor){ this.successor = successor; } abstract public void processRequest(PurchaseRequest request); } class ManagerPPower extends PurchasePower { private final double ALLOWABLE = 10 * base; public void processRequest(PurchaseRequest request ) { if( request.getAmount() […]

MySQL Error Number 1005 Can’t create table . (errno: 150)

This is a very cryptic error message that shows up when you work on MYSQL innoDB and are trying to create a foreign key reference between tables. There as comprehensive post here that describes all the possible scenarios when this error can occur. Excerpts from there. Known Causes: Below is a running list of known […]

Why an EMR implementation may fail? – Reason 2

There are many reasons why an EMR implementation will fail. Reason 2 – Software Issues Developing an EMR is very difficult task. Unlike many other software applications, it is very domain intensive and there are several standards and guidelines to adhere – HIPAA, ICD9,ICD10, NDC, CPT, 5010 standard etc. It has be flexible and easily […]

Why an EMR implementation may fail? – Reason 1

There are many reasons why an EMR implementation will fail. Reason 1 – Bad Vendors There are several EMR vendors. Many of them do not have enough knowledge or insight in to the medical practice and work flows and they have other products spread across other several domains Banking, Finance, etc. To them EMR is […]

Hadoop(MR System) versus RDBMS

The MapReduce approach tends to have high latency (i.e. not suitable for real-time transactions) compared to relational databases and is strongest at processing large volumes of write-once data where most of the dataset needs to be processed at one time. The RDBMS excels at point queries and updates, while MapReduce is best when data is […]