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Let people experience it before they give you feedback

Recently talked to very accomplished entrepreneurs on an idea in their very field. I went ahead and just described the idea to them and immediately I realized the mistake I made.  They did not get it! It is not to say that they were less smart or anything like that, it is to say that you […]

Persuasive Design Through Iterations

I attended 2 workshops in the last 2 days on designing for a behavior. First from an internal expert at Cognizant who walked us through an approach which helps in understanding an user’s core motivations and the next was a workshop conducted by Neema Moraveji.  I think they both go hand in hand and I have […]

Persona – Creating a Persona

My last few posts hopefully served as an introduction to user personas and helped in understanding their need. In this post I have attached two documents, a template that can be used for creating a persona and another detailed document that discusses what information to be capture while creating a user persona. 1. Template – I […]

Persona – Introduction to Creating a Persona

Introduction to building and using data driven personas

Persona – Introduction

What is the best car? What is the best movie? The answer: it depends. “Best” depends completely on the type of person involved. Personas define the ideal profile of a potential buyer or user. A soccer mom or dad, a college student, and a construction worker all have different needs and would choose a different […]

MVP – Minimal viable product

To follow up on my post on prototypes. As most product managers realize, it is part of their responsibility to come up with a minimal viable product. MVP is simply defined a product with a set of features where pulling out even one of the features will make it useless. Now, how do we trim the fat? […]

A/B Testing

A/B testing or split testing can help a product manager make product decisions that appeals the most to the targeted user group. The way to do it, is to come up with a base product (product discovery) . Once we have this, there are questions when it comes to making specific decisions like what color […]