Empathy is by far the most important quality that product manager possess. The closer you are to the end user, fewer are the number of iterations needed to reach the product that meets the target user’s needs. Among other reasons, One key reason why apple products are really good is because they build products that […]

Knowledge management is in vogue these days with almost every company trying to get it right. What makes this difficult is, there isn’t one strategy that fits every company as the needs or objectives are different. For example companies like ONGC who have been around for a while have  a problem with an aging population […]

A must read article on what tough decisions are needed to taken for being successful as a leader at a start up! Original article is from Onstartups.com So, here’s advice to my future self and all of you:  *DO* be a hero. 1. Be a hero.  Go after that big, powerful incumbent that doesn’t delight its […]

Only way we can build a great product is by gaining the user’s trust. The user has to trust you as a company, business unit, as a development team. He has to trust your software to solve his problem. Even if the trust fails on one of these accounts you are not going to find […]

When a product is user tested, there are 2 things you are trying to learn 1. Usability – Is it easy for the end user to figure out if he is able to use the product or not. This is typically done by your UI designer. 2. Value prop – Now that we know the […]

In the previous article, I covered how you should stack your metrics in a such way as to understand the customer or user life cycle through your product or app. In this article, let us discuss what are the characteristics of a metrics that would make it useful. An elaborate blog post at Kissmetrics.com is […]

Increasingly entrepreneurs have begun to realize that Startup is not a smaller version of a big company. The best way it seems to think of a startup is as an experiment and the final result to find the right product market fit. As a result the metrics we apply to a larger organization will not […]